Expert shares tips on how to get the best deals when shopping online

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From buying groceries, to clothes, we all shop online, but how do you know when you are getting the best deal?

Amazon is the leading shopping site so many of us rely on for its efficiency and quick delivery, but does it always have the lowest prices?

One price comparison app creator we spoke with says that is not always the case.

For many of us, the ease of Amazon is the answer to a lot of our shopping needs.

“With the two-day delivery it’s usually in Vegas, about the next day.”

” I often find Amazon is better for me just because of the convenience.”

Omri Traub is the creator of Popcart — an app that comparison price tracks, while a user is online shopping.

“A recent study we did, shows two-thirds of the items you browse on Amazon, have some sort of red flag…  maybe seller not reputable, maybe price is too high,” said Traub.

He points to granola being sold on Amazon this week for $25, while it is $10 cheaper on another site and a few bucks cheaper than Amazon’s at another major retailer.

“Lots of people are doing this, they are known as third-party sellers, and they are listing everyday items, like from toys to shoes, and you don’t know who you are really buying from anymore, or if the price you are about to pay is actually a good price,” Traub said.

This past holiday season, the analyst firm Profitero studied more than 18,000 of the best-selling products and found amazon to be the lowest price retailer with prices on average 15% lower than competitors.

An amazon spokesperson told 8 News Now:

“We work hard to provide customers with low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery. Our systems are designed to meet the best available price amongst our competitors every day so that customers don’t have to.”

The bottom line — do your research.

When you click on the item to see who it is being sold by, whether it is Amazon or a third-party seller, see if your shipping costs are already covered, or not. Also check how many days it will take to arrive and read the reviews.

Another smart tip — by using a credit card to pay for your online purchases, your transaction is protected by the fair credit billing act, which means you can dispute any charges under certain circumstances. 

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