LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ukrainian families have been forced to leave their country due to escalating tensions with Russia, and some have fled to Las Vegas.

8 News Now spoke to Liudmyla Inozemtseva, who had just a few hours to gather her belongings with her daughters into three small suitcases and escape.

“We had six hours, and we got into our car to get ready and we left,” she said. “I wasn’t sure if my town will be basically erased and bombed to the ground, it was the hardest decision that I ever had to make in my life.”

On Feb. 24, she and her two daughters said goodbye to the only home they knew in Vinnytsia.

She described the long lines for the gas station and ATM as Ukrainians scrambled to get out.

“We slept in the car, we ate in the car, it was really hard, it was cold,” she said. “It’s not something anyone can survive without getting traumatized.”

Four days on the road led them to the Polish border, where she had to say goodbye to her husband of 16 years, who had to stay back to fight the Russian army. From Poland, they went to the Netherlands, and then to Las Vegas, where Liudmyla and her daughters are staying with a host family.

As they try to adjust to life in the United States, there has been a constant worry for the husband and father who was left behind.

“I’m waking up and going to sleep with it, I don’t know when and if I’m going to see my husband.”

Liudmyla and her family visited the United States a few years ago, and their 10-year visa allowed them to come, but it will expire in September, after which she will be applying for refugee status.

She is looking to get a car, which would allow her to start working. Her daughters, who are 10 and 15, are in need of summer athletic clothing, as all they were able to bring was winter clothes.

If you would like to help out the family, you can do so through this GoFundMe link.