(KLAS) — It has only been 72 hours since 5-year-old Oliver Shine died. His mom Angelica Richards said Oliver was left alone when he fell into a swimming pool. This incident is a tragic reminder for parents to always be alert when it comes to pool safety.

“He was my little sunshine,” Richards told 8 News Now. “Never in a million years did I think the last time I held him would be the last time I would hold him.”

Richards said Oliver was going away with his dad and stepmom to Bakersfield, California this past weekend to stay at his grandma’s house.

On May 14, Richards said Oliver was left unsupervised around the pool and no one realized he fell in until it was too late. 

“He was outside playing with the dog. He must have fallen in the pool. When they went to check on him they found him in the bottom of the pool,” Richards said.

Richards was also in California with her fiancé and the two rushed to Oliver’s side at the hospital.

“They told us we just had to wait until he was ready to go,” Richards said.

Although she is grieving for her little boy, there is anger because this tragedy was completely preventable. She said the pool did not have a fence and Oliver was not being closely watched by an adult. 

She hopes her story will spare another family from going through the same heartache. 

“I just don’t want his memory to fade away,” she said. 

Richards has set up a GoFundMe account to help bring Oliver’s body back to Las Vegas and lay him to rest.

Bakersfield Police Department is investigating the drowning.