LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– For those living out on the Las Vegas streets, the need to find shelter becomes a race against time when it comes to the extreme heat.

 “Although it wasn’t Las Vegas, it was Phoenix, Arizona, very similar climate in the summer of course and in 1999, I was living on the streets homeless and I come from that background,” explained Robert Rowsell.

Robert Rowsell and Adam Clausen are the founders of Rise Village. 

Both men were once homeless and now provide transitional housing for those leaving prison. 

They know all too well of what the homeless population goes through.

“We were able to give out bottles of water, that’s something simple that anyone in the community can do and be able to provide a little bit of relief but when temperatures hit triple digits as they’ve done pretty consistently, there’s not too many options,” added Clausen. “We need to get people off the streets.”

Merideth Spriggs is the founder of Caridad Gardens.

The nonprofit helps homeless veterans find jobs and housing.

She said not only is shade and protection from the elements important, but so is staying hydrated.

“It’s not uncommon to find people asleep and because the sun moves, they get dehydrated and die in their sleep, so we do find bodies which is unfortunate,” explained Spriggs. “I always double check to make sure someone is breathing, obviously you want to stay safe so call 911 if someone is in distress.”

There are cooling stations open across the valley through Tuesday, September 6, 2022.