Excessive heat causes Las Vegas students, parents to adjust

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Parents and students around the Las Vegas valley are dealing with the August heat.

From sports practices to walking or biking home, students are out there when the sun is blazing.

At Dean Petersen Elementary School, which is just west of the Boulevard Mall, parents are making sure kids have plenty of water.

“I send them with five cooling things in his lunchbox,” said Shalene Henderson, mother of a Petersen student. “So all his waters I send him stay cold all day. He drinks them all day throughout the day.”

The excessive heat warning is in effect until Friday, making it uncomfortable for students this first week of school. Parents were prepared as they ventured out to meet their kids when classes were over.

Many had water bottles for their kids, and some brought umbrellas to shade them from the sun.

The Clark County School District said activity limitation guidelines are observed for all outdoor physical activity, including recess, PE class and after-school activities. School administrators determine if students or staff could be at risk.

“They have a heat warning here, so they’ll call us or I get notified and then he stays inside the school,” said Dominique Stewart, the father of a Petersen student.

“Usually he has a water in his backpack just for him to get to whenever he needs to get to,” Stewart said.

If your child does walk or bike to and from school, make sure he or she is drinking a lot of water this week. Children should also be wearing light clothing.

Student athletes will still be at practice. It’s important to note that since the early 2000s, the school district has lead the country on player safety. Precautions are always taken to make sure athletes are hydrated and don’t get sick.

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