There were some intense moments inside a North Las Vegas courtroom as attorneys argue bail for Amy Fleming, the mother charged with killing her 3-year-old some more than 30 years ago.

Fleming, 60, formally known as Amy Luster, was arrested in Florida and extradited to Las Vegas to face a murder charge in the case of her missing son Francillon Pierre. 

Fleming and her husband, Lee Luster, reported the boy missing from a North Las Vegas swap meet in 1986. 

Fleming’s attorney, Nicholas Wooldridge, was fired up and argued for her release saying, “She hasn’t ran because she is ready to fight these charges.” He said the evidence against Fleming is lacking.

The prosecutor in the case says he is ready to hand over a box with thousands of pages, including letters, he says, prove Fleming’s guilt.

Detectives reopened the cold case in 2017 and determined Fleming was involved in the child’s death, police said.

Wooldridge says the same evidence that cleared Fleming of her son’s disappearance more than three decades ago is the same evidence that brought forward a murder charge last month.

He is trying to get Fleming’s $1 million bail reduced.

“When I look at the state’s opposition some of it I just find somewhat comical,” Wooldridge said.

Wooldridge is referring to letters prosecutors say are incriminating.

“I know what he says about that letter, it could be something totally innocuous. Not really, not really when Mr. Luster is in there saying ‘Get me out of jail. She’s the one that did the killing. I didn’t do the killing,'” Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo said.

He also pointed out Fleming’s conviction for abusing Francillon Pierre before his disappearance and then lying to investigators.

“The child is likely at the bottom of Lake Mead based upon Mr. Luster’s statement,” DiGiacomo said to the judge. “I would suggest to you that you have absolute right not to issue any bail.”

The judge did not decrease Fleming’s bail. 

She is due back in court on March 14.

(Watch the court hearing)