LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas Strip is buzzing with excitement, as Resorts World hosts its grand opening. People have been working hard for years to get the property open.

The 3,500-room mega resort is quite unique, with its giant monitor counting down the hours until guests are welcomed through the doors.

There is so much to cover, from food to the casino.

First, we’ll talk technology, something Resorts World wanted to make sure they were innovative with. In the casino, you can now gamble without cash. You simply download the resort’s mobile app and transfer money, sit down at a table and scan in your play.

From outside to inside, you will see dozens and dozens of monitors. 8 News Now spoke with Doug Green from Vegas-based TrustFall Production Group. They helped with a lot of the monitors inside.

“I think this is the beginning; they are sort of setting the standard,” said Green. “I think it’s exciting for Vegas. We all know Las Vegas sets the bar for the U.S.; this resort is now doing that.”

Everyone knows Vegas resorts love themes, and the theme at Resorts World is modern luxury. It’s easy to spot the details in the marble floors and gold accents, but you will also find unique modern art around the resort, too.

We talked to the woman in charge of making the inside look like the epitome of grandeur. Kara Siffermann says the resort is setting the standard.

“It is very approachable. The finishes have details, and they are refined; there is beautiful wall upholstery; there is wonderful woods,” she shared. “There is stone from Italy, but for the most part, it is going to make everyone that comes in comfortable.”

The resort has several art installations centered on Elvis. Siffermann says since Elvis’ last residency was at the Hilton, they wanted to include him throughout.

Now, we get to the good part: food. There are several food and beverage options inside, from Texas barbecue to lobster sandwiches. One area near the casino is called “Famous Foods Street Eats.” It’s essentially an international gourmet twist on a food hall.

8 News Now caught up with James Tree from Vegas, who is opening the Italian sandwich shop Mozz Bar.

“This is a place where you can build a meal unlike anywhere else in the world, having the lechon people down there, having the burrito guy,” he said. “These guys are Michelin Star award winners. They are world-recognized, and for us to be here, a part of the team, is freaking awesome.”

Resorts World is also getting creative with food delivery. The resort will have Grubhub on-site, so you can order food from eateries to your room, or even the pool.