LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One entrepreneur is making an effort to bring more tech jobs to Las Vegas, claiming that now is the time to entice the “movers and shakers” to come to the valley.

As the official ambassador for Governor Gavin Newsom, Teddy Liaw was tasked with bringing economic opportunity to California, but the COVID-19 pandemic and a rise in San Francisco crime spurred him to move his wife and newborn to Las Vegas.

“I’ve always loved Vegas, I always knew I was going to move here,” said Liaw. “The end game is to transform Vegas.”

The CEO of NextRep, Liaw is also a founding member of Governor Steve Sisolak’s startup and venture council with a goal to diversify Las Vegas, make the city a tech hub, insulate residents from the ups and downs of the economy, and provide better jobs for people.

Liaw said too many billionaires are moving from California to Miami and Austin when they should be moving to Las Vegas.

“We’ve got the tax benefits, economic benefits, sports team, Formula One,” he said.

Liaw and a handful of other leaders have a summit scheduled for September, inviting entrepreneurs and billionaires to the city to show off all that southern Nevada has to offer.

“I think that if we show people the real Vegas, non-touristy Strip part, is like, that’s pretty powerful,” he added.

The group will start at Allegiant Stadium and head to Red Rock, as well as visit some exclusive communities and private schools.

“The goal is to convert some of these people to be residents, to move their spouses, their companies, their employees, and create jobs,” Liaw said.

So far, some of the confirmed attendees include Eugene Kim, one of the founders of Yeezy, and Kevin Lin, one of the founders of Twitch.