LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There’s an end-of-year push to get the last bit into your retirement savings plans.

There are several different retirement savings plans, as work looks a lot different than it did, pre-pandemic.

8 News Now connected with an expert on the options, and also how to protect the biggest asset.

Most retirement plans are based on the old idea that people stay at one employer for most of their careers, but people change jobs more frequently.

As a result, CEO Laurie Rowley of icon said her business options answer this moment in time for the needs of modern-day Americans.

“The 401K plans are 50 years old, built for a different time, people are much more mobile between their jobs,” Rowley said.

Employers are demanding new ways to help workers save for their futures and employees.

Among the W-2 and 1099 also want a plan that travels with them, from job to job.

Regardless of which savings plan you choose to have, Rowley, added that it’s important not to obsess over an impossible-to-reach amount.

“There’s this drumbeat in the retirement industry, max it out, save 22,000 a year, but the average income is 70,000 a year, so that’s not realistic, don’t get stuck in the number just make sure that you’re saving,” she said.

Get that consistent savings over time so that twenty years from the power of time and compound interest will work in your favor.

When it comes to protecting your best interests, It’s not monetary savings we’re talking about – Rowley said your biggest asset is health.

“It’s the thing that enables you to work. Now and earn in the future, and that’s the money that you’re living on now, and in the future,” she added. “If you have poor health, unable to work, that’s when people become really vulnerable from a financial perspective.”