Employees, customers speak out after Fashion Show Mall shooting

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An 18-year-old is in jail in connection with Tuesday night’s shooting at Fashion Show on the Strip. Christopher Valenzuela-Olivas was with a friend when he got into an argument with another person, shooting that individual and two bystanders.

8 News Now spoke with people who were there at the time of the incident.

“At this point, we are thinking it is an active shooter,” recalled Sarah Gonzalez, a Victoria’s Secret employee. Gonzalez was locked inside the store after shots rang out.

“While in there for the two hours, we did not know what was going on. We had no clue. Phones were not working,” she said. “People trying to call family, nothing was going through.”

Gonzalez told us the shooting happened near Foot Locker. 8 News Now obtained several mobile phone pictures from inside on Wednesday, showing crews making repairs.

“When I go back, I do not know how I will feel,” she stated.

It’s unclear if the three people who were shot knew the shooter.

Clark County School District Police also told us one of their officers was called to assist with the investigation.

Gonzalez said there was another shooting at the mall in May and that “because of that, we were able to have procedures for this one and remain calm.”

Store employees’ sense of knowing what to do was certainly noticed. Clark County Treasurer Laura Fitzpatrick was also at Victoria’s Secret.

“It was at about two hours when they finally lifted the lockdown,” she recounted. She said from employees to security and Metro, she was impressed with the response:

“Came away with a very good strong impression of how trained and professionally trained they were to handle an incident like this horrible incident.”

The incident in May 2019 occurred when a man fired a gun inside the mall. Police said two groups got into a fight that night, and one man shot once. No one was hurt, and he was arrested.

Another shooting happened in July 2014. A shot was fired after two groups of men started fighting inside the mall. One man was shot in the neck.

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