Emotional support animal stuck in apartment following fire

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A fire at an apartment building near Charleston and Rainbow displaced about 19 people earlier this month. While everyone made it out, a woman’s emotional support animal did not. Her cat is still stuck inside one of the units.

Alison Adams says she remembers the fire as if it was yesterday. This memory still taking an emotional toll on everybody, especially her.

“Everything that I have owned is pretty much gone,” Adams said. “My cat is inside, and he’s been in there for 15 days, and it’s eating me alive. He’s an emotional support animal and he’s terrified in there.”

His name is “Monkey.” Adams has had him for 2 years.

Adams says she’s reached out to the fire department, Lantana managers, rescue groups and animal control, but no one has been able to get him out.

“We can only do so much when they won’t give us access,” Adams said. “They don’t seem to be trying the best that they can.”

8 News Now reached out to animal control and in a statement, they say:

“Animal control cannot access the property, but they have been out and did put out cat traps. There are plenty of places for the cat to exit the property, so the cat is not “stuck” at the property.”

“It’s like my kid is still stuck in there,” Adams said. “He’s not an animal to me. He’s not a pet. He’s my entire world.”

8 News Now also reached out to the Lantana Apartments Corporate office, but we are still waiting on their response.

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