LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An amateur boxing match that resulted in a UNLV student’s death and made national headlines could force changes for the Nevada Athletic Commission. The commission is scheduled to meet Monday morning.

The commission’s meeting agenda states an emergency regulation will be discussed related to Nevada revised Statutes Chapter 467 which essentially states the athletic commission doesn’t have jurisdiction over school or university events.

Discussion of the emergency regulation was likely triggered by the death of UNLV student 20-year-old Nathan Valencia. He died from injuries four days after taking part in a charity boxing event.

UNLV, The Kappa Sigma fraternity, which held the event, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission are still investigating.

 As of 1985, contests of unarmed combat conducted by or participated by a school or university were excluded from the commission’s oversight. That could change today if the commission adopts the emergency regulation.

It proposes adding requirements to exemptions relating to certain amateur contests or unarmed combat. Commission Chairman Stephen Cloobeck held a virtual press conference after the I-Team first reported on Valencia’s death.

“With regard to the university having knowledge of this and accepting and allowing it, well, go speak with the university and the board of regents. They’ve got a lot of explaining to do in my opinion. They cannot duck, hide, bob, and weave on this.” Cloobeck said.

8 News Now made a request for a new interview ahead of today’s meeting, but the commission declined “due to the ongoing investigations.”