LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two CCSD campuses could be getting a huge chunk of change to upgrade security, but the discrepancy in the amounts allotted to each school is raising additional questions.

This past school year, several violent incidents were reported at CCSD, including student fights and an attack at Eldorado High School in which a student allegedly sexually assaulted and tried to kill his teacher.

Eldorado could be getting more than $26 million in security upgrades.

Elementary school teacher and president of a local teacher’s union Vicki Kreidel said she doesn’t understand why Clark High School is only getting almost $100,000, a huge difference from the millions being received by Eldorado.

“I understand the importance of making sure that the staff and students at Eldorado feel safe after the horrible incident last year,” she said. “Especially what happened at Uvalde at the end of the school year, that was an elementary school, we should be concerned about every school.”

Documents released by CCSD show both schools will get more security cameras, a secure entry point to the front of the school, and on-site fencing.

When asked about the discrepancy, the school district released the following statement:

Each school community has unique needs based on current infrastructure. To provide security enhancements, aging infrastructure must also be repaired or replaced in order to support the security technology. The cost will vary from school to school. 

In general, the scope of work to upgrade the existing security features at schools will include addressing the number of security cameras, providing a secure controlled single point entry system at the front of the school, and adding site fencing to secure access to the remaining entrances. 

Details regarding some of these upgrades will not be disclosed except to those who need to know. Security experts advise keeping exact procedures confidential to prevent people from planning ways to circumvent the security measures (NRS 388.259). While we would like to disclose security details so that our parents, students, and staff members feel more assured, doing so would allow those who intend to cause harm an advantage.

Clark County School District

8 News Now reached out for an itemized list for upgrades and expenses, but they have not been released.

Only Clark High School’s principal responded to requests, stating she was not ready to comment.