LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Friday kicks off Black Restaurant Week in Las Vegas. The goal is to promote the flavors of African American, African and Caribbean cuisine.  

8 News Now spoke with the owner of an Egyptian restaurant about how this even helps give exposure to local restaurants. 

At “Pots” they specialize in vegan, Egyptian street food. By participating in Black Restaurant Week, they hope to introduce new flavors to people across the valley. 

Iman Haggag opened pots Egyptian restaurant on Rainbow and Oakey three years ago.  

Over the next week, Haggag will be showcasing the fresh flavors of Egyptian food — which has Greek, French, Middle Eastern and Indian influences.   

“Bringing uniqueness through food was always my way to bring character out, and talk to people through my food,” Haggag said. “Reaching a bigger audience and bigger base for them to try, it’s a way to reach out to more people, learning about them and learning about us.” 

That community focus is one of the main goals for Black Restaurant Week partner, Falayn Ferrell. The event started six years ago to promote black-owned restaurants across the nation, and highlight the systemic barriers facing business owners. 

This is the first year it’s in Las Vegas, with a focus of helping businesses recover from the pandemic. 

“Businesses in our community don’t have the cash flow to do marketing campaigns, so when the finances started to tighten, they can’t say ‘oh let me go do this huge marketing campaign to create more awareness.’ So that’s the problem that we’re solving,” Ferrell said. 

Pots will join many other restaurants throughout the next week in highlighting their most popular dishes.  

“I think it’s a really great thing to reach out to different communities from all over, and for Vegas to participate in Black Restaurant Week is a step ahead,”” Ferrell said. 

Other restaurants participating include Simply Pure, Soul Food Gritz Cafe, Shaq’s big Chicken and more.  

Black Restaurant Week lasts through next Sunday, March 21st.