Efforts underway to reunite Northwest Academy students with parents

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Three people have already been arrested in connection to a child abuse neglect and endangerment case in Nye County. 

The owners of Northwest Academy, Marcel, and Patricia Chappuis were taken into custody Wednesday morning.

They face more than 40 counts of allowing child abuse and neglect. The news comes two weeks following a the arrest of a teacher at the school. The teacher admitted to throwing students to the ground. 

Detectives interviewed a former student of the academy who said he was physically assaulted by 29-year-old Caleb Hill, who’s a teacher.

But the issues surrounding the school didn’t stop there.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the facility plans to surrender their child care licensing once students leave. 

Northwest Academy students will be reunited with their parents.

“If it was executed the way it was designed and displayed to us as a parent, it was an excellent program,” said parent Geralyn Green. 

A 2016 legislative audit of the school reported numerous violations including the use of psychotropic medications without adequate consent from guardians. 

“Everything just came to a head in the last two weeks,” Green said. 

News that high levels of arsenic and other dangerous chemicals were found in the school’s water recently surfaced. The Sheriff’s office says students were given three bottles of water a day but claim the facility often ran out.

“I’m very concerned about the water situation because the water situation is a reflection of the abuse that my daughter received,” said Green.

Green’s daughter didn’t want to show her face on camera, but she told 8 News Now what she supposedly witnessed over the past year.

“When State came to the program, they immediately started giving us water bottles,” she said. “This girl that I was really close with at the program got restrained so hard to the point where they popped her eye vessel.”

Green said her daughter was never physically abused. She was actually seeing some improvement but she was unaware of what may have gone down behind closed doors. 

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