Educators talk student safety at school summit

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Educators met Friday to talk about our children’s education, and a lot of that conversation focused on keeping them safe from predators. It’s a question to address a serious topic: “If you were a pedophile, where would you want to spend your days?

Tami Pafford aims to highlight the issue during the third annual “Keeping Kids in School Summit.” The one-day event features various topics, but Pafford focuses on red flags of sexual predators who target youth in school settings.

“We need to keep the professional pedophiles away from our kids,” Pafford said. “The bottom line is this is preventable. It’s been a very low instance of reporting that’s been happening and the more we get it out there, the more that it’s going to get reported.”

Pafford wants to implement a universal curriculum in schools.

“Working to get a message of consistent language down to students so that we can have everybody involved spotting and reporting,” Pafford said.

“You want to have as much education out there as possible so that you can everybody keep their eyes open,” said father Christian Salazar.

Some Shadow Ridge High School parents are welcoming any prevention on campuses. Many are still in shock following CCSD Police arresting Justin Youngblood this week. The 27-year-old volunteer coach at Shadow Ridge was charged with kidnapping and sexual misconduct.

“It is becoming more concerning, something you really don’t want to think about, but unfortunately you have too,” said father Sal Sparacino.

A few red flags Pafford highlights include adults asking students to hang out or playing favoritism. She adds most cases involve social media outside of school. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s online activity.

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