LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Distance learning continues across the state, including the Clark County School District. CCSD reports educators got in touch with more than 90,000 students Tuesday.

The temporary way of learning remains a challenge, especially for those in special education.

“We’re making the best out of a bad situation,” said Natasha Accor.

Natasha is the mother to four-year-old Barron Accor. Barron is on the autism spectrum.

Natasha filmed him recently practicing healthy habits at home. She’s making it a lesson, since he can’t attend his special education program at Kitty Ward Elementary School.

She’s says distance learning is a challenge.

“These kids can fall behind really quickly without all of the extra help they get,” Natasha said. “Students get ABA therapy, speech therapy, that all happens at school.”

Barron’s teacher, Kerry Quinney, aims to keep up with his and other students’ education.

“You have to really think of creative ways and using just a very multimodal approach to just ensure that everyone you’re getting their needs met,” Quinney said. “CCSD has sent us different, you know, little excerpts, little things, our department has sent us little things on, you know, sites that we can visit.”

Quinney emails and posts lessons online. Instead of using names, each child has a character — a way to give assignments without revealing each student’s individualized education program.

“They can look and say, Okay, I’m, I’m the kitten. Okay, here’s where I am group one, okay, I could practice putting on his sweater, manipulate fasteners, you know, things like that,” Quinney said.

CCSD is trying to support all students and parents right now. One way is through the “Learning Line” which launched on Tuesday. Families can call for help with assignments.  Educators are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. At 702-799-6644.