LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A boat launching ramp at Lake Mead will be closing because of the historically low water levels. Echo Bay launch ramp will close on May 11 indefinitely.

The ramp, which has been extended in the past, was constructed to launch boats at a lake level of 1,060 feet but the lake is currently at 1,053 feet elevation and continuing to decline.

The drought conditions have also impacted other launches. Boats can no longer be launched from Callville Bay, Boulder Harbor, Temple Bar and South Cove due to low water levels.

Boaters will still be able to access Lake Mead from Hemenway Harbor as well as access points on Lake Mohave. Boaters should be prepared for a longer-than-average wait time, especially on weekends. You can check the launch ramp statuses at this link.

There is no reopening day for the Echo Bay launch ramp. The National Park Service is considering where to relocate it.