LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A $20 million traffic project in the east valley has neighbors saying more headaches than traffic solutions are coming from it.

The bridge, on Desert Inn between Hollywood Boulevard and Cabana Drive, was intended to increase both safety and convenience for those living east of the Las Vegas Wash.

Before this, neighbors like Kerry Leavitt said they were forced to drive miles around it to get home. But, now with the bridge in place, they feel the stretch of road and nearby intersection have become “a hotspot” for accidents and road rage. Leavitt added that he has waited up to 45 minutes at Desert Inn in recent weeks during his daily commute because of the increased traffic.

“There’s probably one or two [accidents] every other day, and sometimes multiple in the same day,” Leavitt said at the intersection of Desert Inn and Hollywood Wednesday morning.

“People can’t get out of the communities, and then people are infuriated because they have to wait in mile-long traffic to get out.”

Paired with construction on Vegas Valley, one street over, traffic is pushed down to this stretch of Desert Inn.

The construction is part of a Clark County water rehabilitation project, though a representative told 8 News Now that operations will cease soon, followed by weeks of refilling and repaving what was dug up before returning at an undisclosed date.

“Of course, stupid stuff happens. Somebody doesn’t want to wait, goes around the other cars, sideswipes, accidents,” Leavitt said.

The solution is more traffic control, at least for neighbors.

Since late September, Leavitt and nearly 40 others have reported these concerns and requests to Clark County Public Works through its “Fixit” website.

A department representative publicly responded to these reports by stating: “there will be a study this week by our Traffic Management Division to assess the likeliness of inserting a multi-way stop or traffic signal along the road.”

But, that answer was not satisfactory for neighbors who see no end in sight to this traffic headache.

“Basically, ‘we’ll get around to it when we get around to it,’ and basically, ‘you guys have to live with it. I don’t live there,'” Leavitt said. “It’s just a catastrophe, that they could have done better planning.”

Las Vegas Metro police reported three critical incidents at the Desert Inn and Hollywood intersection in 2022, the most recent being this past Monday. However, these numbers do not include the non-critical incidents that these neighbors are detailing.