LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Fireworks are on sale in Clark County and with people celebrating the Fourth of July, there are concerns about safety and fire dangers.

The hot, dry climate combined with dead vegetation makes for perfect conditions for a fire.

Chris Jackson, the CEO of North American Commercial, said yard maintenance is especially important leading up to the holiday.  

“If we can recommend four to five days of additional watering prior to that so no bushes are dry. Have a watering can in the event a firework does touch a plant or a bush or a tree or palm tree,” he said.

This was a palm tree fire on Martin and 28th Street on July 4, 2017. (KLAS)

Gene Cimorelli, the general manager at First Choice Tree service said to keep fireworks away from homes, dry grass, and trees. She said it’s important to keep palm trees trimmed so they don’t become fire hazards.

 “We have hundreds of thousands of palms in this valley and it takes time to get them done and completed so try to get them done early in the season like May through the end of June so you can protect your property.”

Cimorelli said it’s best to imagine a clock face and to keep palm leaves at a 9 to 3 cut.