LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas man is accused of shooting and killing his roommate during an argument, according to an arrest report.

Jose Oseguera, 28, faces an open murder charge following the Nov. 5 shooting.

When police arrived in the 5900 block of Samia Court they found a man lying in the roadway with an apparent gunshot wound to the body. The man was then taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A man later identified as Oseguera was also located at the scene with a handgun near him, according to police documents.

Oseguera was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody by officers at the scene.

Police also searched his home and found two cartridge cases, along with a live cartridge, according to the report.

During an interview with Oseguera, detectives learned that he lived at the home with his girlfriend and children. His brother and another man known as “Johnny” had recently begun to rent a room at his home, according to the report.

Oseguera told detectives the night before the shooting he spent time in his backyard with a bonfire and consumed several alcoholic beverages along with Johnny.

At some point, Oseguera said Johnny became upset and began insinuating that he was not allowed the amenities of the home such as pots and pans, the stove, and the fridge, the police report stated.

Oseguera said he disagreed with Johnny’s statements and the argument escalated into further insults. He then told detectives that the two argued back and forth until Johnny told him he would return later and stated he was going to “F— up Jose [Oseguera] and his family,” according to police documents.

Oseguera then told detectives he feared for his family’s safety and went and retrieved his firearm. He went on to tell detectives that he never pointed the gun at Johnny while they were inside the home, nor did Johnny have or insinuate he had a weapon and remained weapon-free, according to the report.

Oseguera alleged that Johnny continued to shout insults and threats at him and was asked to leave the home, according to police documents.

The two continued to argue outside the home and that is when Oseguera told detectives he fired a warning shot, which hit a car in a neighbor’s driveway. Oseguera then stated that he fired one round striking Johnny, according to the report.

Oseguera then told detectives that he ejected the magazine from his firearm, placed it on the street next to him, and waited for police officers to arrive, the report stated.

When detectives interviewed Oseguera’s girlfriend she told them Oseguera and Johnny ended up getting into a physical fight where there was struggle of the gun which was the issue with Oseguera winning the fight. However, detectives later determined that there was no fight and that “she was attempting to make a false self-defense claim,” police documents stated.

Oseguera was arrested on a charge of open murder and taken to the Clark County Detention Center.