LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As crowds flocked to T-Mobile Arena for game five of the Golden Knights playoffs, ‘Dropicana’ caused quite a few traffic tie-ups in the area.

“Once we saw that red on our Google Maps,” local driver Wes Licalti said. “We’re like yeah no thanks.”

He was one of many who had to deal with the maze that many call ‘Dropicana’ on Thursday.

As 8 News Now has reported, parts of the I-15 and Tropicana Avenue have been a mess for months, as crews continue the long-term construction project to revamp the area.

“We always try to avoid it when we can,” local driver Erica Peterson said.

Once an event like a Golden Knights playoff game is added, those normal traffic tie-ups become a nightmare.

Those who spoke with 8 News Now said getting through Thursday night was anything but easy.

“Sometimes you have a detour,” Peterson said. “You have to go the other way.”

8 News Now headed out on the roads affected Thursday, including Tropicana Avenue and several other side streets, along with the I-15 itself.

Some spots felt like the delays would never end, but that’s why many said they do whatever they can to avoid and plan ahead.

“We took a look at it,” Licalti said. “And we jumped off on the side roads.”

This way, they can make all the amazing events Las Vegas has to offer.

“Pretty much do whatever we can,” Roderick Peterson concluded. “To get to where we gotta go.”

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