LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada is ranked second highest in the nation, when it comes to gas prices, with an average of $5.53 a gallon.

The price increase is leaving many drivers to search for ways to save at the pump.

8 News Now spoke with drivers like Holly Larson who say they are cutting out any unnecessary driving.

“I’m budgeting up the wazoo,” she expressed. “I don’t do anything after work, like once a week I go hang out with friends and that’s like it. I can’t afford to go anywhere else.”

Larson also said she has to pump the brakes on her frequent drives to California to see family.

“I can’t afford to do anything because I have to pay for gas to get to work,” she added.

With prices up as much as 30 cents in the last month, gas station owners are also feeling the pain at the pump.

Jeff Warnick is the vice-president and CFO of Fabulous Freddy’s and describes the concern.

“I have been with Fabulous Freddys for over 20 years and we have never come close to these prices,” he said.

Pablo Leo told 8 News Now he has several modes of transportation which have led him to look into other alternatives as gas prices continue to rise.

“I have two vehicles a motorcycle I’m probably going to hop on the bike with these gas prices,” Leo said. “If you get a car wash you can get some points so there are ways to save.”

Other ways to save at the pump include finding deals at warehouse membership stores such as Sam’s Club and Costco and buying gift cards to retailers and restaurants at the grocery store to earn fuel points.

“There are always those apps that you can save 10 cents or 15 cents depending on what you are using, I know shell has them,” Larson added.