LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From his hospital bed, Jerry Madera told officers that he “did not think he was in reality” while driving on July 19 before allegedly causing a 6-car crash on the corner of West Washington Avenue and North Torrey Pines Drive.

According to an arrest report, at approximately 2:29 p.m. on Tuesday, Madera, 18, ran a red light and crashed into a driver who was making a turn onto the intersection.

Madera’s car caught fire after coming to a stop, and the other driver’s car moved another 200 feet from where the collision happened before stopping. The driver of that vehicle, 33-year-old Georgina Madrigal, was pronounced dead by medical personnel at UMC Trauma.

Four additional vehicles were involved in the collision, but none of the drivers or passengers were injured. Madera tried to walk from the scene, but couldn’t due to his broken leg, the report stated.

Madera was transported to UMC for his injuries and told officers that he thought “reality was fake,” the report stated. He said he came back to “reality” after the crash when he saw the Washington street sign along with the wrecked cars. He was not wearing a seat belt during the crash.

According to the report, Madera had a blank stare and could not answer simple questions from his hospital bed, and his pupils would not dilate or constrict.

A field sobriety test could not be completed due to Madera’s medical condition, although officers said they could see that his pupils were fixed, he had a blank stare, and confusion was present.

Madera is facing charges of DUI resulting in death and reckless driving resulting in death. No bail was set.