LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A mural in the Las Vegas Arts District has been restored after it was painted white by an advertising agency. People complained and now the mural is back.

The murals are considered more than art and contribute to the culture of the Arts District.

Arts District advocate and board member Becky Miller said the mural, which was located across from Nevada Brew Works and behind Jammin in Vegas, was painted over for advertising.

After receiving community support, the white paint was washed away and the mural was restored.

Art mural restored in Downtown Arts District. (KLAS)

Local businesses in the Arts District believe this incident goes a long way in supporting the local artists and each other.

“I think that the city and the board have always taken active roles and I’m sure they’ll continue to take active roles as well in making sure the artist is considered because if you lose your heart and soul, you lose a lot” said Marc Abelman, CFO, Inside Style.

“It’s sad that it even had to happen in the first place but now from a positive standpoint, they were at least willing to bring it back to the community,” said Rey Herrera, mortgage banker, Bancorp.

Miller said the building where the mural is located will also be restored. The mural is on Imperial Avenue and Main Street.