LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Downtown Las Vegas put on a celebration for Tony Hsieh Saturday. Hsieh passed away last November and ever since his death, an outpour of support and appreciation from the Vegas community.

A man, known for revitalizing the downtown area. The former Zappos CEO and entrepreneur was honored Saturday night by the Downtown Alliance and by The Fremont Experience.

“Nothing would be here now if it wasn’t for the change Hsieh created,” said Las Vegas local, Laura Garcia. “I thank him so much for that,” she added.

The Downtown Alliance aired a one-minute video they produced celebrating his life. In that video, the song, “Human” played, which was one of Hsieh’s favorite songs by the band, “The Killers.”

Hsieh who passed away in November of last year died of smoke inhalation during a fire at a friend’s house during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hsieh would have been 48 years old on December 12th.

The “Celebration of Life” event included an art and car showcase, food trucks galore, and entertainment, plus discounts at some of Hsieh’s favorite places.

“I’ve been here for over 17 years and seeing Container Park be an empty lot to becoming what it is now is crazy to think about,” said Francisco Cortez.

Tiffany Zhao who moved to the downtown area just a couple months ago hopes a tribute like this will be done every year for Hsieh.

“I think it’s a good way to remember him and also a good way to remind the people to keep going,” Zhao added. “There is still so much that can be done and hopefully someone will continue what Hsieh started.”

The entire tribute was free to the public.