Dotty’s operator interested in Moulin Rouge property

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – There could finally be a buyer for the old Moulin Rouge property just north of downtown.

The company that owns bars all over the city has thrown its name in to take over the historic land.

The operator of Dotty’s, Nevada Restaurant Services, is interested in buying the land on Bonanza Rd.

“It’s a fascinating story. One that is told not just in Las Vegas but throughout the United States of different communities that have risen from nothing into something. We need to ensure that that message is never lost,” said Councilman Cedric Crear.

The Moulin Rouge has been gutted by fires in recent years. Hopeful buyers made promises that were not kept.

“The Moulin Rouge opened in a climate that was way before its time and it was shut down because of that,” said Katherine Duncan, President of Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce.

While it’s unclear what the site could be, 8 News Now knows of one proposal.

“We don’t have any casino owners in the west side. So, shift bosses, managers, all of those high level jobs that are happening in the industry are not held by our people,” said Duncan.

Duncan would like to see a casino and gaming training facility built at the site.

“It’s a very well-established company. If I had to guess, they are very well funded which means that they could build a project if they so chose to do it,” said Crear.

The council will also have the ability to waive $1.9 million in civil penalties imposed on the land.

“The spirit of the community is ready for a redevelopment of Moulin Rouge,” Duncan said.

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