LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Harry Reid International Airport has a new four-legged furry employee — Dorgo. He is a 2-year-old German Shepherd that has joined the K9 unit.

The Department of Aviation has six explosive detection K9 teams, but there are also other entities at the airport, like the TSA, that use canines.

Dorgo and his partners respond to calls of unattended vehicles or baggage and also provide security for traveling dignitaries, and even help with mail transfers.

“So, before Dorgo even started here, he was at a training facility in Texas. The handler also did a ten-week course with him in Texas to solidify that bond, and once he comes here he does a few months of site-specific trainings to get better acclimated to this airport on what he may see and experience here,” said airport spokesperson Joe Rajchel.

Dorgo is the youngest dog on the team.

According to airport officials, ” Dorgo loves his job at the airport and has a great nose for what he is trained to find! Woof-woof!”

Rajchel said the K9 unit is “just one layer of our overall security approach.” Officials ask that if you see Dorgo at the airport, don’t pet him, as he is working.