Don’t throw away banana peels and coffee grinds, use them to compost

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Spring is here and you may be doing some yard work and sprucing up your plants or garden. Composting is one way to do that.

This also happens to be International Compost Awareness Week. Composting is a great way to recycle what otherwise might end up in your trash.                    

In the past year, Republic Services saw a 20% percent increase in organic waste and this help creates more than a half-million tons of nutrient-rich compost. There are several benefits when it comes to composting like creating healthy soil and environment.

“Some of the benefits of composting are reducing your waste. But if you are a gardener, like me, it’s reintroducing vital nutrients back into the soil so you can have healthy vibrant fruits, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens. Composting is going to be bringing life back into your garden,” said Jeremy Walters, Republic Services.

Here are the first three steps to composting:

  • Understand which items and materials should be composted ( you can compost items like coffee grounds, fruit, veggies, eggshells, tea bags and leaves) Stay away from meat and milk products
  • Determine if you will use the compost in an outdoor garden or for indoor house plants
  • Assess the space you will use to hold the compost (the space should be shaded and dry and you can use a bucket with a tight lid.

The compost will need to be monitored to ensure it’s balanced.

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