LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Singer Donny Osmond is back on stage in Las Vegas. He has a new residency at Harrah’s and a new album.

The album “Start Again” is his 65th album. He’s been performing since he was a child. He says he will perform a song from any one of his albums in his residency.

“In the show, I put all 65 albums on that huge screen behind me. and anyone in the audience can pick any album and any song from the album and we’ll do it. We’ll do maybe 30 seconds of it so we get through about four or five songs, it’s nothing but 10 minutes of improv. The band hates me because they have to know all these songs. I forget some of the lyrics but we do it! It’s such a fun part of the show,” Osmond said.

He’s got dozens of shows on the books through November, then he’ll take a little break for the holidays and return to the stage in late January.

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