LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As one knows, the road to success is often paved with mistakes and failures and Donny Osmond said it’s what we learn from them that makes us who we are.

“There’s life expectancy in any career, any job, any business, any company. It’s a bell curve, and at some point in time, you reach the top of that bell and it’s going to go down. It’s inevitable,” he said adding “you reinvent another bell.”

Osmond is very candid about the struggles he’s faced as a performer and the ups and downs he’s experienced in his career.

“And if I could talk to the 20-year-old Donnie again — which was the worst decade of my life because it’s where I lost everything, my career, finances. I had nothing, absolutely nothing, and a family I’m trying to support — I would say to him, lighten up.”

Taking his own advice to heart, Osmond said there are plenty of things that go wrong on stage and now he just laughs it off.

“So the other night. I was singing Moon River. I started choking. As a youngster, I would have just panicked. So, you know what I did? I stopped the show and said, well, that didn’t work.”

That sort of humility comes from humble beginnings and learning lessons from those who came before him like the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll himself.

“The door opens up and Elvis walks in and he says, ‘hi everybody, I’m Elvis,’ you know, just like what he says and I’m thinking to myself, yeah, we know that. Everybody knows that. But it affected me, and it really affected me a lot. I realized this guy that I saw the night before, 24 hours before, the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll is just a normal person.”

Osmond also said it was a fan who reminded him how important some of his older songs are including “Puppy Love” which he didn’t sing for a long time.

Now, it’s in every show.