LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Erlinda Zacarias has ended the GoFundMe campaign to raise money to bury her seven family members who were killed in a crash last Saturday. The page reached its goal raising more than $300,000 in less than a week.

The North Las Vegas mother’s life will never be the same. She lost four children, two step-sons, and her brother in the terrible crash on Saturday. Her suffering is immeasurable and her tragedy touched the community. More than 6,700 people donated to the page.

Zacarias’ children, three sons, and a daughter ranged in age from 5 years old to 15 years old. Her two stepsons were 23 and 25 and her brother was 35 years old.

She wrote on the page: “Thank you all for your immense help for being there in my time of need thank you to the community I have no words. Only God will give me strength and resignation. I have reached my goal.”

Photo of four children who died in the Saturday afternoon crash. (Credit: Zacarias family)

Donations to the account grew dramatically in the days following the crash reaching six figures in 24 hours. A family friend helped set up the account so Erlinda and her husband, Jesus Mejia Santan, would have money for proper funeral services for their children and brother.

Photo of Erlinda Zacarias and her husband Jesus Mejia Santan. (Credit: Zacarias family)

Her family was in a minivan Saturday afternoon and traveling through the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue and Commerce Street when they were struck by a driver who ran a red light and was speeding at more than 100 mph, police said. The driver, who was also killed in the crash, hit a total of six cars.

Another driver, Tiffani May, was seriously injured in the crash and is hospitalized. She is a wife, mother, college student and worker.

Tiffani May is in critical condition following the crash. (Credit: GoFundMe/TiffaniMay)

Her cousin told 8 News Now that Tiffani has a long recovery ahead of her and the money in her GoFundMe account will be used to pay for medical bills and provide stability as she recovers.