LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The more than 300 dogs rescued from unlicensed breeding facilities in the Amargosa Valley and Pahrump are on their way to a local shelter.

“Yesterday, we got the court order that we could move these animals to the shelter so that’s the plan,” said Nye County Sheriff’s Captain David Boruchowitz who posted a video on social media Tuesday.

Inmates were used to help collect the dogs for transport. (Credit: NCSO)

Boruchowitz said it was a daunting task to gather all the dogs but inmate workers were helping animal control officers.

300 dogs seized from property in Nye County (Photo: David Charns)

“The puppies are excited. They seem to know that we’re going to a fun place. They’re excited to see us,” he said.

The dogs were discovered more than a week ago living in unsanitary conditions. Boruchowitz said their kennels were dirty and dozens of frozen puppies were found.

“Our goal is to get out of here today and have these animals at the shelter where we can start giving them a more permanent situation.”

Oskana Higgins and Vasili Platunov are facing felony animal cruelty charges in the case.

Vasili Platunov and Oskana Higgins (Credit: NCSO)

Boruchowitz said the community has really stepped up to support the care of the dogs through donations.

“It’s been great. Overwhelmingly amazing,” he said.

The dogs are heading to the county animal shelter where they will eventually be available for adoption.