LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Four dogs took their first steps on American soil Thursday after a Las Vegas rescue saved them from a meat farmer in South Korea. They came from a life of torture and pain, but still have nothing but love to give.

Dogs rescued from Korea

Danielle Roth with Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas wants to make sure they spend the rest of their days feeling safe and at peace. 

“I know that their families are going to love them so much,” Roth said. “I know.”

It was tough to see behind their caring eyes and wagging tails, but these animals have seen the worst of the world. 8 News Now was able to witness the moment their lives changed forever. 

Dogs rescued from Korea

“They’ll just turn around and love you,” Roth added. “You can beat them and torture them, and they are not going to bite.”

However, as these animals settle into their new lives, Roth still holds a spot in her soul for all the other animals suffering. 

Dogs rescued from Korea

“It makes it hard knowing we’re going to celebrate these four,” she told 8 News Now. “And still knowing again that there are so many that are sitting, waiting for their freedom flight.”

Dogs rescued from Korea

Roth and those she works with hope others around the world will stand up to stop the horrible injustice as they work to cherish such incredible creatures.

“America, we have a voice. We are loud, we speak, we make a stink,” Roth said. “That’s what they are counting on; not only keeping these babies safe, but our voices to be heard.”

“They just know love when they get here,” Roth added.

Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas is still working to bring 40 dogs to the United States, so they are asking the community for donations. 

Dogs rescued from Korea

They also need people to escort dogs traveling to America from South Korea. They’re asking anyone going back to the states to volunteer and make the dogs’ travel smoother.

For more information on how you can help, go here.