LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A family has been left heartbroken and angry after their dog was stolen and found dead. The family told 8 News Now crews from a flooring company working in their neighborhood took the dog from their yard.

Bamboo, a 10-year-old bulldog, was in his yard Monday evening — like usual — when he disappeared. When he didn’t come back inside, Bamboo’s family became worried. They looked for him all night and the next morning they went door-to-door.

Bamboo is remembered by his family as a bulldog that loved to cuddle and snored really loudly.

“He’s family to us. He’s all our kids know,” Bamboo’s owner, Angelika Schmeing said. “Our kids are eight and 12 years old. They still don’t know Bamboo is gone.”

A neighbor showed the family surveillance video that would change everything. The footage showed the men from a flooring company, who were working on the house next door, taking Bamboo and putting him in their truck. Minutes later, that same truck drove away.

“We asked him nicely to just give him back or just tell us the truth and he lied to us,” said Schmeing.

Schmeing said the workers kept giving her different answers. One said that they realized Bamboo might be microchipped and dropped him off outside their gate.

But on Tuesday evening, Bamboo’s lifeless body was discovered in North Las Vegas, far from where the Schmeings live in the southwest area of the valley.

“An old English bulldog can’t walk that far in the heat. It’s just so traumatizing to think about how his last few minutes were here. This business owner did not care. He just took someone else’s dog and now he’s dead, in this heat,”

Temperatures for Tuesday were as high as 104 degrees.

8 News Now made numerous attempts to contact the flooring company and they denied any involvement.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said this was originally being investigated as a property crime, but now that Bamboo is dead, circumstances in the investigation have changed. The case is now being investigated by Metro’s Animal Cruelty Division.

Bamboo’s family has chosen to have an autopsy done to find out exactly what happened to their pet.