LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Good Samaritans came across a devastating scene as they found a dog abandoned in a closed kennel in Henderson.

The dog was found near Green Valley Parkway and Sunset Road and it appeared that he had been there for days prior to being rescued.

Tina Hayes with the Vegas Pet Rescue Project took the dog under their wing for intensive care at the hospital. They call him Saint.

“He just has a soulful look in his eyes and in our minds Saints are perfect,” Hayes said.

However, those eyes also represent the neglect and fear Saint has been through.

“There was so much feces in the kennel, he was covered in it,” Hayes said.

Saint was taken to the Animal Foundation to get cleaned up and examined. It was determined that he was an 8-month-old German Shepherd and only weighed 17 pounds.

“It’s going to take a while for the nutrients in his bones to realize they aren’t in a crate anymore and for his back to straighten out,” Hayes said.

All four of Saint’s paws had chemical burns on them making it nearly impossible to walk. However, with the right treatment and tender loving care, he should be on his paws again.

Local businesses are asked to check their surveillance cameras to see if they can spot anyone who dumped Saint.

Saint is at Spencer Springs Hospital, if you would like to donate to his care, click here.