LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Animal Protection Services rushed a “sweet and loving” dog named Max to the Animal Foundation for medical care after he was found shot multiple times on the side of the road on the far east side of Las Vegas.

Max was found on Dec. 28, an Animal Foundation spokesperson told 8 News Now.

According to a Facebook post by The Animal Foundation, X-rays confirmed that Max had multiple bullet fragments in his head, back and shoulder, as well as a fracture in his skull.

The Animal Foundation’s veterinary team carefully removed bullet fragments and cleaned out his wounds. Max was given antibiotics and pain medication.

The team said in a social media post that despite what he had been through, Max has been gentle and trusting with every team member who came near him.

Because of the extensive wounds, Max will need daily care in order to fully recover. Because of the level of infection present, the Animal Foundation veterinary team believes the gunshot wounds may be older.

Visit the Animal Foundation’s CARE Fund site for more information on how to help support Max’s care.

The Animal Foundation did not disclose where Max was found. It appeared unknown Monday afternoon who was responsible for shooting him.