LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More customers are coming forward, sharing their concerns about a local boarding facility, following the claims by a family who alleges their dog died days after being boarded at a northeast valley facility.

The Atencio family claims their cocker spaniel Cana came back home after an eight-day stay at Paw Zazz near Nellis and Lake Mead and describes their dog, as becoming sick, missing teeth, and eventually passing away.

Another customer from the facility, Lisa Gagliano, says she recently heard about the family’s ordeal and says she’s taken her dog to the business since 1996.

Gagliano tells 8 News Now her dog was recently groomed incorrectly and shaved.

She says customer service at the facility has changed.

“These past four months or so it has gotten bad, we never had issues with this place until recently,” Gagliano says. “My own personal feeling, I won’t step foot in there again.”

There are a number of reviews for the business online, some are good reviews, but others are written by unhappy customers, urging people to not use the facility.

Animal rights activist Annoula Wylderich has spoken to the Atencio family and says there is now an investigation into their dog, Cana’s death.

“I think what is even worse is that the business is not providing and cooperation or information, that has me so frustrated,” Wylderich tells 8 News Now. If there are any volunteers or any people who do have direct knowledge I would urge them to please contact Clark County Animal Control and share that knowledge because that could prevent a future tragedy.”

She also says the owners of Paw Zazz Sitter need to be careful when boarding their dogs. Wylderich also urges anyone with information regarding Cana’s treatment at Paw Zazz Sitter to come forward and share the information with Clark County Animal Control.

“They can check Yelp, they can check reviews they can ask around and maybe get word of mouth referrals for the best places to take their pets,” Wylderich adds.

A manager from Paw Zazz Sitter tells 8 News Now the facility is concerned about the threats they are getting.

The manager however would not comment on the dog’s death at this time.