LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Over the last week, there have been two incidents of someone throwing a rock at glass doors on the Strip that have in turn caused mass panic because people thought they heard gunfire. This led to an obvious question – does breaking glass used in commercial doors sound like gunfire?

To find out, 8 News Now worked with A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror to break a large pane of quarter-inch tempered glass with a rock. The glass used in the demonstration was identical to glass used in commercial doors across the valley and casinos. The rock was a landscaping rock approximately the size of a baseball.

“The difference between tempered glass and normal glass is annealed glass breaks into big shards,” A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror office manager Nidia Mendoza told 8 News Now. She added that normal, or annealed glass is “a little bit more dangerous to break. When it’s tempered glass, it kind of breaks within itself.”

According to Mendoza, the only difference in the glass used in the demonstration is it would be placed into a metal door frame which would keep the glass from going to the side and some businesses like casinos use a security film to prevent the glass from falling out of the frame.

Nidia Mendoza, office manager at A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror. (KLAS)

When the shop’s boss, Dado Radonjic, threw the rock at the tempered glass, it exploded into small pieces and fell to the ground. The sound of the initial impact is what people at MGM Grand and Macy’s would have heard.

When asked, Mendoza said she did not think it sounded like a gunshot.