Doctors stress social distancing as more people take to the outdoors

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the weather gets warmer, it’s tempting to want to meet with friends and enjoy the sunshine. But while it sounds fun, it’s not the best idea.

A local doctor spoke with 8 News Now about why social distancing is still so important.

Many parks across the Valley are still open with people out and about, but doctors say you still need to keep your groups to 10 or less people.

A handful of teenagers took to the fields at Kellogg Zaher Sports Complex, hoping to get some training in.

“When we come out here, we don’t really touch each other or anything,” said soccer player Durango Solorzano. “Instead of normal handshakes, we just do the elbow or the foot.”

Down the street at Lorenzi Park, some basketball courts were empty. Alajandro Baotistu was playing with his cousin and told us it’s not always this bare.

“I came here like a few days ago, just passing by, and there were, like, really big groups. Mostly more than 20, just playing basketball here.”

This trend is worrying doctors, who do not want the public to relax on the precautions in place.

“Things haven’t changed. In fact, we’re only seeing more and more prevalence of this virus and more people getting sick,” said Dr. Neil Gokal of Southwest Medical. “Even as our weather warms up, it’s so important that we are maintaining ourselves separate from other people, staying at home unless essentially necessary to travel and really avoid being in groups or around other people.”

Gokal said people can take walks, jog and even hike, but they have to do it separately from others.

If you’re staying indoors, he recommended opening a door or window to get some fresh air and to let the sunshine in.

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