Arrest Report: Doctor accused of sexual assault says his therapy is not sexual, police continue to search for more victims

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NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In an arrest report released by police on Monday reveals that an employee filed a sexual assault complaint against 46-year-old Dr. Michel Rantissi Jr.

According the report, the woman who is accusing Rantissi of sexual assault was a massage therapist at one of his three Advanced Manual Therapy clinics owned by him and his wife.

The woman said that there were two incidents where Dr. Rantissi sexually assaulted her, one in August and the second in September. She states that she initially went to Rantissi because he performed a technique called Pelvic Floor Therapy. The therapy consists of both internal and external forms of the treatment. She consented that both be done by Rantissi.

During her first internal treatment in August of 2019, the accuser described Rantissi’s behavior to be of an inappropriate nature but that she felt he acted professionally when he performed the treatment and even provided insight on Pelvic Floor Therapy technique when she questioned him on it for her studies as midwife, as she is pursuing a certification from the Doula School.

The woman returned for a different treatment with Rantissi on Sept. 5, but unlike the first time where she felt he acted professionally and instructional, she felt the second session was “purely sexual”.

The accuser says she confided in another doctor at the office who helped her file the complaint against Rantissi with the licensing board. She resigned and left her job days later.

Investigators questioned Rantissi on Septmber 24th where he denied the accusations stating only that he had performed the physical therapy techniques on the accuser externally not internally.

According to the report, days later, Rantissi agreed to take a polygraph test and his stories had changed. He said he helped the accuser and felt that he was helping her as a form of ‘charity’ and that he made her “feel better because she was single and he is a giver.”

Rantissi said that performing the treatment on the patient was not sexual for him, but did admit to investigators that that the technique he performed on the accuser was not taught in school.

Detectives started an investigation, which led them to Dr. Rantissi. With the sexual motivations behind the crime, investigators believe this may not be Dr. Rantissi’s only victim. They are currently reaching out to other possible victims, employees and patients.

Rantissi was arrested Thursday accused of one count of sexual assault and count of open and gross lewdness.

In a written statement Rantissi’s attorneys David Z. Chesnoff and Richard A. Schonofeld said, “Dr. Rantissi has the full support of his family and co-workers. He maintains his innocence and we will answer to the allegations in a court of law.”

Witnesses or victims can call Detective Salkoff at (702) 633-1769.

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