LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now’s Christian Cazares spoke with Dr. Jeff Murawsky with HCA Healthcare to answer some questions about vaccinations, which masks work best and protecting kids who are unable to get their COVID shot.

According to Dr. Murawsky, vaccinations and boosters are the best protection against COVID-19 as more people return to normal activities.

“It’s not 100% but it’s great to keep you from getting hospitalized,” he said. “Going out to events and being exposed is a lower risk choice. That means you don’t have underlying health conditions or are around people with underlying health conditions.”

Children 5 years old or younger are not yet eligible for the vaccine, but Dr. Murawsky says there are things parents can do to help minimize the risk.

“Helping them wash their hands, stay clean, try to reduce the exposures if you can wear a mask. I know it’s hard with small children,” he said.

As testing demands surge across the country amid the spread of the Omicron variant, home testing kits have been hard to come by. According to Dr. Murawsky, whether you should get an at-home kit or get tested at a site varies.

The accuracy of those tests depends on how well you do it and when you do it. Both are reliable,” he stated.

Dr. Murawsky added that N-95 masks offer the best protection against the virus, although they can be uncomfortable. Overall, he said, a mask is always better than no mask.