LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We name our cars, boats, and even planes .. so why not snowplows? This is what the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) wants help with a new Name-A-Snowplow contest.

Our state has 388 snowplows, according to NDOT. And while most of the plows are used upstate, there is a handful down here, especially at higher elevations. That’s why NDOT is going to name three snowplows: they are in southern Nevada, northwestern Nevada, and northeastern Nevada. 

“I’m excited to announce NDOT’s first ever Name-A-Snowplow Contest and promote the hard work of our snowplow operators to keep our roads clear for residents and travelers during the winter months,” NDOT Director Kristina Swallow said. “We also want to call attention to NDOT’s record staff shortage among operators and encourage those qualified candidates who wish to serve their community to apply today.”

NDOT said this contest was inspired by other states that have done something similar recently.

The department is asking people to go to this website and enter three names. Entries will be accepted now through Dec. 26. An NDOT review team will choose three winning names, which will be placed on the named snowplows using a specially-made decal.

If this idea sounds familiar, it might be because of the 2016 British contest to name a polar research vessel. The internet responded by voting “Boaty McBoatface” as the clear winner. The group in charge of the contest, however, decided to not use the favorite entry. This caused quite a dust-up online and led to many other naming contests ending up with a similar styled name for the item being named.

No word yet if Plowy McPlowface will be rolling down Nevada’s highways anytime soon.