LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is sending out a warning to the public of a new text message phishing scam.

Scammers are posing as the Nevada DMV and sending out text messages asking recipients to update their MyDMV profile.

According to the release, a link in the text leads to a web page that resembles the real MyDMV portal.

“We’ve seen scams like this before,” said Nevada DMV Director Julie Butler. “But this one specifically targets the MyDMV portal and its customers.”

Anyone receiving this message or a similar one is asked not to respond or provide any personal data. The message should be deleted immediately.

The DMV would like to remind the public that it never sends unsolicited text messages or emails, and the agency will not ask customers to update their MyDMV accounts.

To spot a text or email scam, officials say to look for the telltale signs of phishing: Poor spelling or grammar, forceful language or use of threats, sense of urgency, or the link provided does not match that of the legitimate agency website.