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LAS VEGAS (KLAS ) — Having a memorable culinary experience in Las Vegas is not limited to the Strip restaurants. Not far from the celebrity and famed hot spots are a variety of local gems that are as diverse as the city’s population. 8NewsNow.com discovered a few of the Valley’s favorite Latin American dishes.

Papusa Sauce And Coleslaw Meal (Getty Images)

One of the most popular dishes from El Salvador are “pupusas” which are hot, corn-dough pockets stuffed with your choice of fillings that can include cheese, beans, chicken, pork or sausage.

If you want to discover Colombia, “Oiga, Mire y Vea,” has been in serving some of the most popular dishes to its patrons for almost 20 years; among some of the most popular dishes here include “bandeja paisa” and the “arepa.”

Brazilian style beef ribs Barbecue from a churrascaria steakhouse in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Getty Images)

“Made in Argentina” is another local spot growing in popularity and it harbors the flavors of the South American country in its name. Argentine cuisine blends Spanish, Italian and Native American cultures in its recipes that are rich in beef and pasta. Some of the popular dishes include “milanesa” a breaded thin beef steak, “empanadas” a pastry stuffed with meat, “morcilla” or blood sausage, “ñoquis” or gnocchi and “asado” which is a barbecue with an array of meats where endless amounts of “chimichurri” sauce flows.

Peruvian Style Ceviche served in a bowl. Peruvian ceviche is a traditional dish widely eaten in Peru. It was developed in the 1970s by Peruvian-Japanese chefs. (Getty Images)

If you’ve never tried Peruvian food, think again, because if you’ve ever ordered “ceviche”, you should know this popular dish originated in Peru and if you love potatoes, you will enjoy Peruvian cuisine and you can thank Peru for introducing most potatoes to the world.

8NewsNow.com visited “Mi Peru” in Henderson, who is serving some of Peru’s most popular dishes including the Peruvian seafood favorites like “ceviche” and “tiradito” as well as “lomo saltado” (see video above) and “chaufa” a popular fried rice recipe influenced by the Japanese and Chinese cultures prevalent in Peru.

8NewsNow.com also compiled a list of some local favorite Latin American spots, to share one of your favorites on the 8NN social media sites.



  • Made in Argentina
  • Gaucho’s Sacred Flavors
  • Rincon De Buenos Aires


  • Texas de Brazil
  • Fogo de Chão
  • Rodizio Grill
  • Boca Do Brasil
  • Via Brasil


  • Oiga, Mire, Vea
  • Brasa Roja
  • Aracely’s




  • Lima Limón
  • Mi Peru
  • Peru Chicken
  • Once
  • Pollo Inka
  • El Toque Del Sabor


  • Rika Arepa Express
  • Viva Las Arepas

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