PET WEEK: Dive into a unique pool with the power to heal your furry family members

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HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — With so many tough stories about animal cruelty lately, we’re glad to be able to bring you stories about owners who go above and beyond to care for their pets.

8 News Now is taking you to a unique pool in Henderson that has the power to heal furry family members.

Boo is one of those pups. Every week, she can’t wait to suit up, splash and swim. For nearly three years, she’s rarely missed her weekly visit to Canine Bodywork & Aquatics.

“They say a five-minute swim for dogs is about a five-mile run for us,” said Kathy Carr, owner of the canine wellness center.

It’s great exercise, but it also helps ease Boo’s anxiety. She is one of hundreds of dogs Carr has helped. She explained the physical and mental benefits of hydrotherapy to us:

“Working in the water, it’s 20 times the resistance as on land, so even though we don’t have pressure on the joints, it’s also a bigger bang, being 20 times the resistance.”

This is why swimming is recommended for dogs with everything from arthritis to mobility and weight issues.

Hieu Truong’s dog, Cliffy, was visiting to trim his waistline.

“I was trying to find something fun, climate-controlled,” Truong shared. “He doesn’t do well with heat and long walks.”

Carr said, “Just natural ways to ease any discomfort, make their lives happy as long as possible.”

Making life more comfortable is what it’s all about for April Holladay and her super senior, Judi. The pup is 17! She’s blind and has trouble walking, but swimming lightens the load and lifts her spirits.

“It’s really easy to say, ‘No, she can’t see,’ all those kinds of things. But we want her to end well because she’s been there for us, and loves it,” Holladay told us.

Time in the heated pool loosens joints, boosts cardio and improves heart health.

Many veterinarians suggest Carr’s massage and bodywork as part of a treatment plan to help pets recover or even prevent surgery.

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