LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A husband and wife are facing charges after gunfire erupted in a south Las Vegas neighborhood, leaving the husband and three women injured, following a fight between two families.

Police were dispatched to a home on Snow Bank Lane near St. Rose Parkway and Las Vegas Boulevard around 2:19 a.m. on Saturday, May 28. As officers arrived in the neighborhood, they said they witnessed several vehicles fleeing the scene.

Jeff Saunders is facing two counts of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon and his wife, LaTasha Broom, is facing one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the arrest report, the incident started when Broom’s daughter and her boyfriend, who lives on an adjacent street, got into a fight the previous evening and the young woman told her mother that her boyfriend had struck her. Broom told police “this was not the first time” and she called the boyfriend’s mother and said the two settled their differences.

The boyfriend’s mother, Cristal Farley, told police she received a phone call later from a young man who claimed to be the young woman’s brother and “threatened to send a homie over to fight” with Farley’s son. The report said a man did show up at the house and did fight Farley’s son.

Some of the family members who watched the fight had guns, the report said. Farley said Broom pointed a gun at her and threatened her and then Saunders grabbed the gun and began shooting. According to the report, he shot Cristal Farley as she ran away. She suffered eight gunshot wounds to her chest, back, buttocks and legs. He also shot Jordan Graves, a family friend, 11 times, hitting her in both legs, her pelvis, lower abdomen, and chest. Both women required emergency life-saving procedures and surgery to keep them alive.

Roshanda Alford, who was visiting Broom, was shot in her left leg when she approached the scene and Saunders suffered a gunshot wound to his left leg.

During an interview with Saunders, he told police when the shooting started he ran away and was shot in the leg, but when he was confronted with video surveillance, he made no attempts to deny the shooting. He began crying and said he is going to prison, the report said.