Dignity Heath offering virtual classes to promote wellness amid COVID-19 pandemic

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican has six wellness centers across the Valley. They average about 150 classes, 30 support groups and 200 consultations per week.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, many things changed, including their in-person classes. Despite this, they’re doing everything they can in order to continue promoting wellness.

Dignity Health is offering 37 online classes from kids to seniors, and the best part? They’re all free.

Holly Lyman is the director of community health for St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. She said the coronavirus pandemic has caused them to come up with innovative ways to promote a health lifestyle.

“Now that things have kinda changed, our goal has shifted to keeping people healthy at home,” said Lyman.

Thanks to Zoom.com and her staff, she said people keep moving, exercising and learning.

“A lot of seniors are lonely at home, especially those that don’t have spouses,” revealed Lyman, “So, we are very concerned about keeping them healthy but keeping them in their homes and then having a little fun at the same time.”

They have a huge variety of programs that include Zumbini, toddler time with Tawanda, yoga, meditation, HIGH fitness, senior fitness, Tai Chi, nutrition and weekly reflective pause.

“At first, it was hard for people to get the technology, but we were very patient,” said Lyman.”We walked people through how to log in online, which is super easy now. It’s just under one click.”

Dignity Health senior fitness instructor Jeannine Mason leads some of the classes.

“My schedule is I do a nine in the morning, and a one in the afternoon fitness class,” said Mason. “At 10:30, I do the yoga class gentle yoga that you can do in a chair or you can do it on the mat. Anybody can do these classes that I offer.”

Mason said thanks to this type of interaction, people aren’t feeling isolated.

“What I try to do is unmute them at the end of the class so we can have some conversations and talk to each other. It’s wonderful to see them participate.”

Mason had a message for everyone:

“I want the whole community of Las Vegas to know that we are in this together, and we are Vegas strong.”

Dignity Health health educator Sister Katie McGrail noted that right now, people want to know that “someone cares about them and cares for them.”

Aside from classes, they also offer phone consults for WIC, Medicaid enrollment, diabetes and nutrition consultation, food delivery and senior reassurance calls.

For more information on the many classes being offered at Dignity Health, click here.

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