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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You may realize you added on a few extra pounds during the pandemic — and you aren’t alone. The so-called “quarantine 15” has been a struggle for many at home for months.

“These are my smaller 6s and 8s that I kept because I know that I am on a mission,” Mary Rendina shared with 8 News Now. “I am going to get back in them.”

Now that life is starting to look a little normal, she has one goal: lose the weight she gained during the pandemic.

“It just kind of spiraled out of control,” Rendina said.

For her, it wasn’t long before she realized she packed on 20 pounds.

“Being able to get those endorphins out helped, so turning to comfort food to replace that really made a difference,” Rendina told 8 News Now.

Her workspace being a few feet from the kitchen also didn’t help. When it came to boredom, she snacked and baked.

“I made all kinds of things, scones. I bought a professional scone pan, professional baking cups.”

Dr. Deepali Kashyap has seen patients that have gained up to 30 pounds.

“Diet, stress, abnormal sleep patterns combined caused weight gain, which is what we saw last year during COVID,” she explained.

The stress of what was happening around us was driving people to turn to food or alcohol.

“I saw high levels of insulin in a lot of these people,” Kashyap shared. “I saw abnormal cholesterol, which is called LDL, a bad cholesterol. Blood sugars have been going up.”

On the other hand, there were people, like Jessica Hutchings, who worked out regularly during the pandemic.

“My goal was not about a physical number on a scale; it was more of, ‘How do I feel? Am I going to be able to take care of my child?” she said.

The new mom had just given birth three months before the pandemic hit. She made sure to stay active.

“We ended up buying bikes, my husband and I, with a car seat on the back, and taking family bike rides,” Hutchings said.

They got creative, using her son Emmett as a weight while working out. Hutchings says during the pandemic, the only thing she was able to control was how she felt.

“Getting outside and getting fresh air, that was just really important,” she said.

There are various diets available, and you should talk to your doctor or research a healthy way to do it. There are also several free workouts on YouTube, Vimeo and Prime that can get you motivated.

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