Did you notice a sales tax increase on your bill? Here’s why.

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You probably didn’t notice, but shopping in Clark County just got a bit more expensive. A sales tax increase went into effect this month.

The sales tax was increased by one-eighth of a percent. It’s a move that will eventually generate about $54 million.

Let’s say you buy a car for $30,000. Because of the county’s new sales tax, you’ll spend about $37 more.

“It is really Clark County’s most stable revenue source. It is paid for by anyone and everybody that purchases anything that is non-food related,” said County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

Commissioner Kirkpatrick calls it a small investment on a big return.

She’s heard the opinions of both sides.

“I don’t really think the money will solve any problem in this case. Probably perhaps your fiscal responsibility will,” one man said. 

The money will go toward early childhood education, preventing truancy, workforce development and affordable housing.

“Affordable housing is an issue that’s touching everyone,” Kirkpatrick said. “Seniors today in my district are barely making it.”

The sales tax increase could help organizations like Nevada HAND.

“When you only provide investment in the best areas, you leave a whole swath of your community behind. The more that you create separation between the haves and have not’s, the worst your community is,” said David Paull, director of real estate development at Nevada HAND.

The sales tax will run until June 2021.

“There is an opportunity at any point to raise it if we feel that it is making a big investment. There’s also an opportunity to stop collecting it if we feel like it’s not doing its part,” said Kirkpatrick.

Commissioners have agreed to publicly post where the money goes through an online budget database, which Kirkpatrick says, will help with accountability.

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